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calendar   Saturday - March 28, 2020

Our Rights Have Been Trashed (For Our Own Good)

Rhode Island Hunting New Yorkers

You no longer have the right to free movement. As if you hadn’t noticed this already.

Rhode Island plans to send the National Guard out to knock door-to-door in an attempt to hunt down anyone who has arrived in the tiny state from New York City during the coronavirus pandemic. State police, meanwhile, have begun pulling over cars with New York state plates.

Gov. Gina Raimondo said anyone traveling there from New York will be ordered to undergo a 14-day quarantine and could face fines or even jail time if they’re found to not comply.

“Right now we have a pinpointed risk,” Raimondo said at a news conference Friday. “That risk is called New York City.”

She isn’t wrong to be seriously concerned. She should also be hunting down Massachussets people, as Boston is another outbreak epicenter. Hey, let’s jail folks from New Hampshire, because Manchester.

How about the whole country walls off Rhode Island, all 10 square blocks of it, and leaves them to rot? Let the uppity fuckers die. No loss to the rest of us. How Dare They?™

I’m really getting chapped about this fascist power grab game of one-upmanship going on. Oh you did this in your state? Hold my beer. Watch us do something even more repressive.

Does any of this even help? Maybe it does, but these acts could be destroying the union that is the USA. Certainly giving it a beating.

Rhode Island, which had some 162 confirmed cases by late Friday compared to New York State’s total of more than 44,000, joined a host of other municipalities and states trying bar entry to New Yorkers living in the epicenter of the US’ coronavirus outbreak.

The Hamptons, counties north of the city [ Long Island,, east of NYC ], and governors in Florida, Maryland, Texas and South Carolina have all also ordered New Yorkers to keep out or undergo mandatory two-week quarantines.

Cuomo said he was opposed to such restrictions, at least within the state.

“I don’t like it socially or culturally,” Cuomo said during a radio appearance Friday on WAMC. “I don’t like what it says about us as one state, one family. Also, I don’t believe it’s medically justified.”

In Rhode Island, Raimondo maintained she’s within her emergency powers to impose the aggressive measures and said she had consulted with state lawyers.

“I know it’s unusual. I know it’s extreme and I know some people disagree with it,” she said.

“If you want to seek refuge in Rhode Island, you must be quarantined.”

If Cuomo is saying this isn’t justified, it probably is. He and DeBlasio have proven yet again what level of idiots they really are. But that’s almost beside the point.

Yeah yeah, the public good. Want to know who owns most of the homes in the Hamptons? People from New York City. So now it’s “illegal” for people to stay in their own houses if they have more than one?

This is so wrong. It screams Statist Opportunism. Is the only way to save America to destroy it? Are we My Lai village writ large? How much trampling can we take? And even more worrying, will it become the new normal when this shit is finally over? Will the jackboots stay on the feet because every sparrow that falls will be another emergency? When does government ever cede power except at gunpoint?


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calendar   Friday - March 27, 2020

Livin On The Edge

We salute you, Captain Obvious

The Northeast isn’t that big an area, but a whole lot of people live here.

I looked at some of those coronavirus numbers in a bit of detail this morning. It reminds me of those nuclear fallout drawings we used to see back in the day.

The vast majority of confirmed cases in the USA are within a 100 mile radius of New York City and within a 50 mile radius of Boston.

The news is full of the counts on a state by state basis, but if you look a little closer at the county level you’ll see the real story.

NY: 38,977
NJ: 6876
MA: 2417
PA: 1718
CT: 1012

Entire USA: 69,246

That means that 73.65% - nearly three quarters - of all the cases are in these 5 states. 3 out of 4 cases. Crivens.

However, a huge portion of those cases are close to those two major metropolitan areas. Most of the rest of them are centered around the other minor metro areas like Philadelphia and Buffalo.

Out here in the “sticks” of rural NW NJ, Hunterdon County has 39 cases today. [ 6pm update: FUCK. We just got the automated emergency phone call. Now it’s 60 cases. That’s a 50% increase since this morning. ] Warren County, the next county up and even more rural, has 31. Down in the low population, even more rural, SE corner of the state, the combined total for Atlantic, Cumberland, Salem, and Cape May Counties is 22.

22. There are apartment buildings in NYC with more cases than that. Lack of testing could be a factor here, but I have my doubts.

The NJ counties closest to NYC have the most cases.

New York has a similar situation. New York City is the big one, with the four nearby counties of Westchester, Rockland, Nassau, and Suffolk having significant numbers, and moderate numbers up in Orange County, but the four smaller cities of Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany have their own minor zones too. The rest of the state has very few infections.

Pennsylvania’s cases are centered around Philadelphia, with most of the counties along the Delaware River border with NJ showing the larger numbers. All of those counties are within the commuting zone to both NYC and Philly. Pittsburgh, out in Allegheny County, is it’s own minor hot spot.

It’s only 80 miles as the corona crow flies from New York City to Philadelphia.

The same situation holds true in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Even in New Hampshire, most of the cases are within 50 miles of Boston.

It will be very interesting, and rather frightening, to see if this wave spreads outwards with time, or if the lower population density and all this lockdown stuff provides a buffer. Or how the situation will change once tens of millions of fast tests come into use across the nation.

I probably have about 2 weeks until the wave hits here. Wonderful.

Related Update: New York State In Total Lockdown. Press release given at the poorly chosen time of 9:11am: 100% of the workforce must stay home if non-essential

This is also obvious. And true. When can we lamp-post the enemedia?



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Free The Gloves!

A Better Way: NJ Pol Cuts Red Tape, Gets 41M Falsely Impounded Gloves Released

While health care workers have been running short of protective equipment as they fight the coronavirus, more than 41 million medical gloves produced for a New Jersey-based company have been held in warehouses under federal government order since last September.

Until now.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agreed to release the gloves imported by Ansell Ltd., whose American headquarters are located in Iselin.

The gloves had been stored at facilities in Baltimore and Oakland, California, while the agency looked at whether they had been made with slave labor in Malaysia.

The charges turned out to be baseless, and Rep. Chris Smith, R-4th Dist., intervened at the company’s request and started calling federal officials to get the gloves shipped out.

He was able to pry them loose.

“At this critical juncture, when supplies of personal protective equipment are scarce and medical professionals need to be safeguarded from the coronavirus, we needed to act quickly and work with federal officials,” said Smith, who has led efforts in Congress to fight human trafficking and slavery worldwide.

Well good for him. Thanks. But you know what? In a real emergency, I don’t give a damn whether these were made by slaves or not. Are they of acceptable quality? Good enough, let them go.

Chris Smith is one of the few Republican representatives we have here in NJ.


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Standard Union Scamming

SEIU “finds” 39 Million Face Masks, sells them to states at huge mark-up

The union launched an exhaustive search for masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) five days ago in response to pleas from frontline healthcare workers that they need more protection and feel unsafe on the job as they treat the growing number of COVID-19 patients. SEIU-UHW has 97,000 members who work in hospitals across California.

Within 48 hours of painstakingly calling leads and potential suppliers, the union discovered a distributor who had the 39 million masks, and has since found another supplier who says his company can produce 20 million more masks a week. The union also has found a supplier who can deliver millions of face shields.

The union said it will be selling the masks to states, counties and hospitals for $5 apiece and claims it “has no financial interest in the transactions.”

Similar N95 masks are available on the Home Depot website for $23.97 for a box of 20, or about $1.20 apiece.

Sounds to me like someone was hoarding. And you know what happens to hoarders in an emergency, right?

“No financial interest” = Minimum $3.80 profit per mask X 39 million = CHA FRICKING CHING!! That’s a whole lot of slush to add to their Democrat Election funds.

I’ve seen boxes of masks. A box of 20 is half the size of a small loaf of bread. Probably 2 dozen boxes per case and at least 100 cases on a plastic wrapped pallet. That’s 48,000 masks per pallet: 39 million of them is 812 pallets full. 22-24 pallets fills a tractor trailer. 40 trucks worth. So it’s a small warehouse full. Let’s hope that the masks aren’t made in China. 


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Allah Says Drink Rubbing Alcohol

Yeah, let’s let these idiot savages have nukes.

300 Dead In Iran From Drinking Methanol To Cure COVID

Iranian media reports nearly 300 people have been killed and more than 1,000 sickened so far by ingesting methanol across the Islamic republic, where drinking alcohol is banned and where those who do rely on bootleggers. It comes as fake remedies spread across social media in Iran, where people remain deeply suspicious of the government after it downplayed the crisis for days before it overwhelmed the country.

“The virus is spreading and people are just dying off, and I think they are even less aware of the fact that there are other dangers around,” said Dr. Knut Erik Hovda, a clinical toxicologist in Oslo who studies methanol poisoning and fears Iran’s outbreak could be even worse than reported. “When they keep drinking this, there’s going to be more people poisoned.”

Wino 101: There are two kinds of alcohol. Ethanol gets you drunk. Methanol gets you dead.

Methanol will kill the virus if applied topically; any alcohol breaks down fat and this virus has a lipid coating. But the stuff is poisonous to drink. So don’t. Not even if you hear that it’s a great fish tank cleaner. Which is probably isn’t either.


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Viral Career Killer

Dem Michigan Governor Threatens Doctors For Chloroquine

I kind of wonder if she has any actual authority here, but if this stuff works then “I left you to die!!” is the worst re-election slogan in history.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs warns that prescribing hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine for treatment of COVID-19 ‘without further proof of efficacy’ may be investigated for administrative action; reaction from Dr. Jeff Colyer, former Kansas governor.

Excerpt from the letter sent out by the Michigan BPL:

TO:  Licensed Prescribers & Dispensers
RE:  Reminder of Appropriate Prescribing and Dispensing

Dear Licensed Prescribers and Dispensers:The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has received multiple allegations of Michigan physicians inappropriately prescribing hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine to themselves, family, friends, and/or coworkers without a legitimate medical purpose.

Prescribing hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine without further proof of efficacy for treating COVID-19 or with the intent to stockpile the drug may create a shortage for patients with lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or other ailments for which chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are proven treatments. 

Reports of this conduct will be evaluated and may be further investigated for administrative action. 

Prescribing any kind of prescription must also be associated with medical documentation showing proof of the medical necessity and medical condition for which the patient is being treated. 

Again, these are drugs that have not been proven scientifically or medically to treat COVID-19.Michigan pharmacists may see an increased volume of prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine and should take special care to evaluate the prescriptions’ legitimacy.

Pursuant to Michigan Administrative Code, R 338.490(2), a pharmacist shall not fill a prescription if the pharmacist believes the prescription will be used for other than legitimate medical purposes or if the prescription could cause harm to a patient

In addition to whatever stock on hand is in the US, Teva has donated 6 million pills, Bayer AG has sent us 3 million, Novartis has 50 million on hand and will churn out another 80 million by the end of May, and the FDA has added HCQ to the Interim Policy list, which will allow generic pharma companies and even pharmacies to make the stuff.

All told, there is probably enough out there right now to treat 4 million people. With lots more coming. So there is no shortage at all, and no hoarding necessary. Just keep the distribution channels running. Since the treatment plan is less than a week, we should have trials results data real soon. Provided, of course, that the media bothers to report it.


You may remember Governor Whitmer. She’s the one who gave the Dem rebuttal to President Trump’s magnificent SOTU address back in February.

“It’s pretty simple. Democrats are trying to make your health care better. Republicans in Washington are trying to take it away,” Whitmer said in prepared remarks.

Uh huh. That is pretty simple: she’s a total lying hypocrite.


Meanwhile, this EVIL DRUG that TRUMP IS POISONING EVERYONE WITH is showing success in Belgium and Bahrain. Phhhbbtt. Foreigners, what do they know about anything? It’s up to MI Governor Whitmer to block this for your own good.

Bahrain and Belgium report their hospitals are successfully treating coronavirus patients with the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine touted by President Trump as a possible breakthrough in the pandemic.

The Kingdom of Bahrain’s Supreme Council of Health chairman said his country was among the first to use the drug and that its impact has been “profound,” according to the Bahrain News Agency.

Dr. Shaikh Mohamed, who leads the National Taskforce for Combating COVID-19, was also quoted by the news agency as saying hydroxychloroquine was administered according to the same regimens as those used in China and South Korea.

The first COVID-19 case in Bahrain was reported on Feb. 21, and hydroxychloroquine was first administered to patients showing virus symptoms on Feb. 26. As of March 25, the virus had caused 4 deaths in Bahrain, according to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. 


Meanwhile in Europe, another U.S. ally, Brussels, is reporting similar early success with the same drug and is taking steps to ensure its availability for the sickest coronavirus patients.

“Using the limited stocks of these medicines for unnecessary or unjustified preventive treatments jeopardizes the availability of these medicines for patients who need them: chronic patients and hospital patients seriously affected by Covid-19,” Belgium’s Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products said this week.

Belgium, like the United States, has begun a longer-term clinical trial on the efficacy of using Hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 patients.

While warning against hoarding, and saying that this treatment plan is not yet proven or even fully tested, Belgium is delivering enough to treat 22,000 patients to each of their hospitals, with enough in the next delivery to treat another 17,000. There are 7,284 cases in the whole country.

Sounds like they are giving it a serious try. 


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calendar   Thursday - March 26, 2020

Not Enough Social Fishtancing?

Washington State Bans Recreational Fishing

Good grief. You’d think even our new fascist masters would allow fishing. Standing by yourself out in a stream or on a little boat with one or two others?

This week, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) issued a temporary order to close all recreational fishing and shellfishing in the entire state in order to further prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The news came shortly after Gov. Jay Inslee issued a “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order, which required Washington residents to stay home unless out for an “essential activity.”

“We’ve seen an uptick in outdoor recreation at some locations in recent weeks as people have looked for ways to get outside,” WDFW Fish Program director Kelly Cunningham said in a news release issued Wednesday. “We’ve had reports of crowded boat ramps and busy fishing on some rivers, which runs counter to the governor’s direction to stay home and practice social distancing.”

“This is not a decision we take lightly, but it’s the right thing to do for the health and well-being of Washington’s families,” said WDFW director Kelly Susewind,

WDFW’s ban went into effect at midnight on March 25. As part of the restrictions, fishing and shellfishing seasons will be closed for at least two weeks. Access to wildlife areas and water access areas will also be restricted for that same time period.

Access to wildlife areas? That means no hiking. I guess all those outdoorsy types have been having secret giant parties out in the back of beyond. Probably licking the trees too. How Dare They™!!!??!!


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Oh The Irony

China Closing Border, Cutting Air Flights To Keep Kung Flu OUT Of China

China slashes inbound and outbound international flights in drastic action

China’s aviation regulator has slashed the number of international flights in and out of the country, in a drastic move to curtail air travel and limit the rising number of imported Covid-19 cases.

Effective March 29, each Chinese airline will only be allowed to fly one weekly route to one city per country, operating it at no more than 75 per cent capacity, according to a statement by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). Similarly, each overseas carrier will be limited to fly one weekly service to China, at three-quarters capacity, the regulator said.


China to suspend most foreign arrivals to block contagion’s spread

China will ban most foreigners from entering the country starting at midnight on Friday in an effort to block the spread of the coronavirus through imported cases.

With several exceptions, including transit visas and foreigners arriving via Hong Kong and Macau with short-term entry permits, entry visas issued to foreigners will be suspended as an “interim measure”, according to a statement late Thursday by the country’s foreign ministry.

“In view of the rapid spread of the new coronavirus epidemic worldwide, China has decided to temporarily suspend entry of foreigners with currently valid visas and residence permits in China,” the ministry said.

“This is an interim measure that China has to take in order to respond to the current epidemic situation, with reference to the practice of many countries,”


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calendar   Wednesday - March 25, 2020

Go Mike Go

My Face Mask, Dot Com?

You can’t watch TV for an hour without seeing an ad for MyPillow Dot Com. “Hi, I’m Mike Lindell, inventor of My Pillow ...”

They have now switched production to making face masks for health workers. Not to sell them, just to give them away.

Well done MyPillow people.

Now what they need is a a push that the masks are made from “Giza cotton.”

And new mask lyrics for their song. “For the best night’s sleep in the whole wide world ... “


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Too Many Rats Sink The System

“We’re all in this together”, right comrade??

NJ Rat Fink Reporting Phone System Overwhelmed

Gov. Phil Murphy ordered non-essential businesses to close this week but many people in New Jersey say not all retailers have gotten the message.

Very, very many people, apparently.

A phone number that the state set up for people to report violators became overwhelmed with calls.

Murphy gave the number out during his daily briefing on Tuesday as a way to report violations of Executive Order No. 107.

“Let me be clear if I could. My executive order is not a polite suggestion. It is an order. No one, and I mean no one who can do their job from home should be going to work in an office. We must have 100% compliance. This is about public health and it’s about people’s lives, your employees’ lives, their families’ lives, and your life,” Murphy said during the media briefing.

The number is assigned to an investigator in the state Department of Homeland Security, according to a state office phone directory. reported that State Police requested the number be removed from their news article because the calls were interfering with a line used for “law enforcement sensitive calls.”


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Best Thing To Ever Happen To TV

We have Comcast Xfinity cable TV. In the past year or three it has been upgraded to a voice actuated remote, which is pretty awesome. The package comes with a huge DVR built into the cable box. It also has On Demand, a service that lets you watch whatever show you want whenever you want it, simply by speaking the name into the remote. Pretty awesomer. Recently they have added “Smart Resume” to some of the shows. And this is the bee’s knees. Awesome-ist! Smart Resume lets you skip over the commercials with the 4X Fast Forward, and comes back to your show at the exact proper spot. So a 4 minute block of ads burns by in just 1 minute. This really helps the continuity of the shows you are watching. Beyond excellent; this is how TV should have been since the beginning. On the other hand, you quickly become really aware of just how big a chunk of your 1 hour show is dedicated to commercials. Something like a quarter or a third. Crivens.

Stuck in lockdown, we’ve been binge watching the show Manifest. It’s a bit far fetched, a bit beta-squishy; another one of these “a bunch of lost people miraculously show up and have unknown powers that they use to help people, but the evil government is after them” kind of shows. Like Lost, or the 4400, or Continuum, and so on. We watched the first season in real time, then sort of forgot about it. Season 2 has been broadcast since January, but we just got back to it yesterday. This year, the wife character has been rewritten to be much more involved and supportive. She was far too “Skyler” last year. (Skyler was the annoying wife of Walter White in Breaking Bad, and nearly everyone hated her.) Manifest is a sci-fi soap opera, but it’s something to watch. At least it’s not another doctors/firemen/cops/beautiful evil rich people drama show like all the rest of them are.

I hear Homeland is still running. We watched the first 3 seasons until the Marine guy Brody apparently got killed. It’s now in season 8. So many shows have had a great first season or two, then run on inertia for the next bunch of years. It’s hard to stay a fan when that happens. 


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Jerks Knee Jerking

Nevada Gov: No “off label” HCQ treatments for you. Because Tropical Fish?

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak has restricted the prescription of two malaria medications that President Trump named as potential remedies for coronavirus, after a man died and his wife was hospitalized for using a fish tank cleaning additive with a similar name as a substitute.

Sisolak, a Democrat, issued an executive order Tuesday prohibiting prescriptions of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus patients after the president mentioned the two drugs during a press briefing.

“While the two drugs have necessary medical purposes, there is no conclusive evidence at this time among COVID-19 experts or Nevada’s own medical health advisory team that the drugs provide treatment for COVID-19 patients,” Sisolak said in a statement.

While addressing reporters, Trump mentioned both drugs as being fast-tracked for use as treatment, touting their likelihood of being effective despite the FDA still testing it for coronavirus use.

The order also limits a prescription to a 30-day supply to ensure it’s available for “legitimate medical purposes” and so that people cannot find a way to stockpile the drug.

Sisolak faced a backlash from Trump allies over the order, as the drugs are in fact being used in trials. They are among a select group of possible therapies the World Health Organization is currently looking at as potentially treating or preventing COVID-19, though the effectiveness of the drugs remains unclear.

The WHO originally did not have the two drugs as part of their trial, but high interest led them to reconsider.

I didn’t post on yesterday’s story about the two idiot senior citizens in Arizona who poisoned themselves by taking fish tank stuff. Because chloroquine and because Trump. Most of the news was about the news; how the various DemMSM media outlets had used this as a cudgel against the President. I did look into it quite a bit, which not one of the media sites has done.

First, the stuff is not fish tank cleaner. It is aquarium antibiotic. HUGE difference.

Second, this stuff generally uses a different kind of chloroquine (the sulphate variant), and often has some other kinds of really strong medicine mixed in with it.

Third, it is really hard to find in the USA in consumer sized amounts, and not all that easy to locate in professional bulk either.

Fourth, in Australia and other areas around there on the far side of the world, prices have been skyrocketing for a week now.

So these two winners in AZ aren’t the only people thinking along these lines. And unless they were major tropical fish enthusiasts, I have a whole lot of doubts about their story. Like, maybe they bought it from eBay in panic. Or maybe this is a perfect murder. He’s dead. She survived. Blame Trump.

There have been media stories about hoarding HCQ, although whatever kind of hoarding that might impact the distribution channels would have to be done at the drug warehouse level to make any difference.

Very little news front page coverage that the Isreali pharma company TEVA has given the USA six million doses. That would be positive news and the DemMSM exists only to fuel the panic in order to bring down Trump. However the story is out there, but it didn’t fit the agenda.

And now we have the Governor of Nevada banning the HCQ / Z-Pack treatment. Because OF COURSE he’s a Dem.

However, the entire chloroquine angle is being denigrated by the Left, simply because President Trump mentioned it. I admit, I’ve spent far too much time digging into this whole coronavirus situation since the very beginning. Aspects of the disease, it’s origins, victims, tests, and treatments. While various forms of chloroquine have been being used for this with pretty good effect around the world for quite some time now, it is not a perfect panacea. Nothing is. But the moment our President mentioned it as a ray of hope, it was instant anathema to a large part of our media who then ran all kinds of negative stories about it. And Governor Sleestak is playing the same tune. Remember this, Nevadians.

[ If you want to stay abreast of the latest news about treatments, trials, and other COVID R&D, the investor pages are your best bet. They put these stories out there without political bias and without drowning you in medical terminology. ]


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happy tails

UK Dog Sprains Tail From Too Much Wagging: His People Are Home All Day Now Because Quarantine

Rolo, a 7-year-old dachshund in the United Kingdom, is so happy his owner is staying home during the coronavirus pandemic that he sprained his tail from wagging it so much.

On Friday, Emma Smith of Essex posted on Twitter that her happy-go-lucky wiener dog — who loves a good belly rub and has a predisposition for tail-wagging — couldn’t contain his excitement about the sudden constant companionship.

Unfortunately, Rolo’s rudder quickly went from wagging to sagging.

“So my dog has been so happy that everyone is home for quarantine, that his tail has stopped working,” she writes of her perky pup, adding, “so we went to the vet and the vet said ‘he had sprained his tail from excessively wagging it.’ ” She included a string of laughing and broken heart emojis in the post, which was shared more than 140,000 times and liked by more than 1 million people, including “The Morning Show” and “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston.

“For those asking, he is currently on pain relief and the vet said he should be healed within a week,” she noted in a second-day post, which included a video showing Rolo’s appendage in the downward dog-tail position. “He is super happy and there is now movement from side to side but he is struggling to lift it up in the air.”

On Saturday, Smith followed up with thanks to Twitter well-wishers for their concern, saying, “I’m sure he will be back wagging like this in no time” and included a prior, undated clip of Rolo’s tail-wagging self as he ran and frolicked outside in the grass.

Smith also set up Rolo with his own Instagram account — rolo.thehotdog — so that interested pup lovers can “follow my journey getting my wag back.”

Our two kittehs are in a similar situation. With us both home now, they’re not getting their usual 17 hours of sleep. However they are getting much more attention and mommy lap time. Stuck to her like Velcro. And thank God both of them are no longer in heat. 


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calendar   Tuesday - March 24, 2020

Must Be A Coincidence

Today’s News:

New York City has nearly half the Wuhan virus cases in the country

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued a sobering warning to residents on Tuesday as he said that the coronavirus curve hasn’t been “flattened,” and “is actually increasing.” He then cautioned that the apex of the virus could be as many as 14 to 21 days away.

“We projected an apex at 100,000 hospital beds needed, the new projection suggests as high as 140,000 hospital beds will be needed,” he said, adding that New York has 25,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Six Weeks Ago:

image   image

Tens of thousands gather to celebrate Chinese New Year in New York City

[ February 9, 2020 ] NEW YORK (AP)—Signs of support for the Chinese city at the center of a global virus outbreak marked floats at the Lunar New Year parade in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

Brightly colored puppets made their way through the New York City streets Sunday in front of crowds of onlookers.

A banner on one float read “Support Wuhan! Let’s fight the virus together!” Another urged, “Wuhan stay strong.”

The coronavirus outbreak that started in China in December has killed more than 800 people and infected more than 37,000 people around the world.

No cases have been identified in New York City.

“If you’re not here, you’re missing out!”

Nearly 3/4 million Chinese live in the NYC metro area; more than half a million of them live within the 5 boroughs.

The news only gives us numbers. It does not say what groups those numbers belong to. Once in a while we hear about one identified person’s story, or some celebrity who has caught it.

Northern Italy also has a tremendous population of Chinese laborers; nearly half a million of them all told. And they’ve been hit really hard too. That’s probably another coincidence. Nothing to see here, move along.


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西安电加热油温机 香港盛吹“环保风” 专家指市民已从被动变主动 中新网9月29日 淮安导热油电加热炉 电 据香港中通社报道,9月29日晚由香港某环保团体举行的“无冷气夜”,吸引了5万名市民及超过60间企业承诺参加。这是香港最近环保活动不断升温过程中的大型活动之一。 进入九月,香港各界环保活动渐入高潮,层出不穷。特首高官与各界市民齐齐参与,是其中一个最大特色。…
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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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a small explanation
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The Real Stuff
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when rape isn't rape but only sexual assault
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[...] took another century of Inquisition and repression to completely eradicate the [...]
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